Global Cool Cities Alliance

GCCA’s website is an online resource for cities that are cooling urban surfaces—including roofs and pavements—to help combat the effects of climate change.

Interactive animated infographics on this site depict key science, social, and economic concepts behind urban cooling. Cooling surfaces can positively impact all areas of a city, from its economy to the health and well-being of its citizens.

Unlock the Benefits interactive feature landing page

An animated scene of a city without cool roofs is at the top of the page. A user must unlock the nine informational topics below to continue exploring the benefits of urban cooling.

interactive feature view

Each topic describes an aspect of city life that may be improved with the addition of cool roofs.

infographic showing emissions

“Canceling Climate Change. Your cool roof makes an immediate, measurable impact on climate change.”

infographic showing poor air quality

“Promoting Cleaner Air. Your cool surface improves the air you and your neighbors breathe.”

infographic showing stressed electrical grid

“Strengthening the Electric Grid. Your cool surface keeps the electric grid running on hot days.”

infographic showing health and equity impacts

“Improving Health and Equity. Your cool surface makes your city healthier and happier.”

infographic showing growth of local economy

“Growing Local Econoomies. The net economic benefits of reflective surfaces are twelve times greater than their cost.”

infographic showing health risks due to heat

“Saving Lives. Cooler roofs mean cooler buildings and communities that are safer during heat waves.”