Harm Reduction Coalition

Harm Reduction Conference 2020/2022

We’ve collaborated with Harm Reduction Coalition to develop distinctive visual identities, printed materials, and websites for their 2014 Baltimore, 2016 San Diego, 2018 New Orleans, and 2020/2022 San Juan national conferences. Each event identity design is inspired by the conference location, and conveys the spirit of community advocacy. All materials are bilingual, in English and Spanish.

The 2022 conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico features artwork by local artist collective Colectivo Moriviví. The paintings depict a Taino creation story that describes how the islands were born in the sea from a broken pumpkin. The mark we developed adopts the circular forms which convey beginnings and continuities.

National Harm Reduction Conference home page

The Conference website offers bilingual content, in English and Spanish.

National Harm Reduction Conference branding

(left) Tablet view of the website. (right) Cover of the Conference Program book.

National Harm Reduction Conference branding

All printed materials are bilingual and are designed thematically.