Harm Reduction Coalition

Harm Reduction Training Materials

We designed training materials that Harm Reduction Coalition distributes to health clinics, shelters, and social service agencies nationwide for use in drug and overdose programs.

View the Guide to Developing and Managing Overdose Prevention and Take-Home Naloxone Projects on HarmReduction.org.

View the Peer-Delivered Syringe Exchange Toolkit on HarmReduction.org.

PDSE cover view

The “Peer-Delivered Syringe Exchange Toolkit” consists of an informational booklet and worksheets that clinics and harm reduction organizations can use for trainings. The design is an abstraction of needles being exchanged.

OD Prevention Guide cover view

The cover design for “Overdose Prevention and Take Home Naloxone Projects” visually summarizes the intent of this booklet: prevention (the x) and first aid (the +).