New York Philharmonic

The New York Philharmonic Archives contain over 100 years of print ephemera—including historic music scores, photography, and performance programs—and offers audio of historic performances. Researchers can now use a full feature Book Reader to view archival documents and listen to audio. The website is integrated with, and has full functionality on tablets and phones.

Visit the site at

NYPhil Archives website home page

The Archive Features slideshow allows curators to highlight objects or themes from the collection.

NYPhil main Archive search result

The website consists of two searchable databases: the main Archive, and the Performance History. Searching the main Archive returns various document and media types. Each entry includes detailed information about the artifact, and/or a scan of the document to view.

search view

A Performance History search returns original marked scores (like this Appalachian Spring score marked by Leaonard Bernstein!), concert programs (like this Gustav Mahler debut concert at Carnegie Hall in 1908!), and audio files (like this, Bernstein’s conducting debut at NYP!).

NYPhil Archives book reader with media player

The book reader allows researchers close examination of an artifact, and some entries also include accompanying audio which can be played in the book reader view.