Ocean Conservancy

A Citizen’s Toolkit: Restoring the Gulf of Mexico

In collaboration with the Ocean Conservancy’s Gulf of Mexico Office, we developed on-the-ground materials to help the local community impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The 5-part Citizen’s Toolkit consists of: a custom folder, three booklets (on the themes of the Gulf’s treasures, ecological problems, and OC’s restoration approach), and a pocket guide of practical resources including a jargon translator. The design emphasizes the interconnection between Gulf habitats and communities, and the need for an equally integrated restoration process.

Winner of 2010 Sappi Ideas that Matter Grant for “Relief, Restoration & Reform.” Design Observer and Core77 posted brief write-ups.

Restoring the Gulf of Mexico overview

An overview of kit parts

Restoring the Gulf of Mexico overview

The three thematic booklets are staggered on the right side of the folder. The pocket guide is inserted on the left.

Restoring the Gulf of Mexico overview

Individual booklets can be opened and read as chapters, or removed and distributed separately.

Restoring the Gulf of Mexico centerfold

A fold-out map of the Gulf highlights treasures, problems, and sites of interest.