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    Kingfisher Foundation

    The Kingfisher Foundation website shares the organization’s granting vision in the environment and art history areas. Blue and orange hues reflect two of the vibrant colors of the kingfisher bird, an inspiration for the foundation’s work in adapting to our changing world.

    Visit the site at:

  • Makahakama Foundation web page

    Makahakama Foundation

    Makahakama Foundation

    We designed a warm and inclusive visual identity for this family foundation whose philanthropic work primarily benefits nonprofits and startups in California and Hawaiʻi. The logo design consists of five stone-like forms—representing core values—that come together to form a bonded ring.

    We designed and developed the foundation’s website which presents its work and showcases current grantee activities. Visit the website at

  • OWLA home page



    OurWaterLA (OWLA) is a coalition of organizations and individuals in Los Angeles, California that aims to create a stronger freshwater future for their city.

    We worked with Water Foundation and Heal the Bay to create a website that provides: updates on the project, opportunities to get involved, accessibility for Spanish speakers, and resources about fresh water issues.

    Visit the website at

  • Heat Action Platform landing page

    Arsht-Rock Foundation

    Heat Action Platform

    Imaginary Office collaborated with the Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center and the Atlantic Council to design and develop the Heat Action Platform, a resource that helps policymakers in municipalities worldwide find real world examples of extreme heat solutions. The website offers learning modules and a searchable filterable Policy Tool, and is translated into Spanish, Hindi, and Tamil.

    View the platform on the Arsht-Rock Foundation’s website.

    Illustrations by Shape History

  • Hill Diversity, map

    Joint Center

    Hill Diversity website

    Imaginary Office worked with Joint Center researchers and staff to present data findings from two recent Congressional staffing diversity reports. Mapped and charted data show the percent people of color (POC) in a state or district in relation to POC representation in key government positions. The Hill Diversity microsite launched after the 2022 election as a communications platform and campaign to encourage racially diverse government hiring.

    Visit the website.

  • Lead Free Kids NY website pge

    Lead Free Kids New York

    Lead Free Kids New York

    The identity we designed for Lead Free Kids New York—a coalition of organizations and individuals across NY state—represents the goal of safe living environments for children.

    We worked with Children’s Defense Fund NY and WeAct to create a website that provides: online resources for families, facts about lead poisoning, and digital campaigns to petition state government.

    Visit the website at

  • Sakhi website Home page


    The redesigned Sakhi website brings survivors to the center. Sakhi for South Asian Women advances gender justice, serving communities impacted by domestic violence and abuse. The updated website reaches out to survivors in English, Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, and Bengali, offering a helpline, learning materials, and ways to get involved.

    Visit the site at

  • Climate Breakthrough Award video detail

    Climate Breakthrough

    Climate Breakthrough visual identity

    We designed the new visual identity and brand applications for Climate Breakthrough, a philanthropy that funds the largest climate prize for individuals through its annual Award program. Awardees’ breakthrough strategies—representing a diversity of geographies and sector activities—aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

    Learn more at

  • Seattle Housing Authority

    Yesler Art Guide

    Imaginary Office collaborated with Seattle Housing Authority to produce a public art guide that celebrates the history and diverse cultures of the Yesler Terrace community. The guide profiles 14 featured artists whose works are located around the neighborhood. Key texts are offered in English, Vietnamese, Somali, Tigrinya, Oromo, and Amharic.

  • animation frame

    Staten Island Museum

    “Yes, And” Exhibition Branding

    The visual identity for Yes, And, an art exhibition at Staten Island Museum, celebrates the diverse collection of artists and artworks connected to Staten Island. We developed an animated logo, wall and exterior signage, and a printed postcard series.

    Learn more about the exhibit on the museum’s website.

    Read about the museum website’s redesign.

  • aapip website

    Asian Americans / Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP)

    The redesigned AAPIP website brings an updated look and feel to this 30-year-old social justice organization. Design motifs such as a shifting color spectrum and interlocking patterns reflect the inclusive nature and broad scope of the work of building democratic philanthropy.

    We collaborated with staff on a review of site content, analytics, and visual voice in an effort to strengthen communications with the organization’s existing audiences, and to appeal to new audiences.

    Visit the site at

  • website home page

    Speak for the Trees Boston

    Speak for the Trees Boston’s new website brings the nonprofit’s mission, programs, and events to the public. Learn about their tree mapping and inventory initiatives, or find out how to receive a free shade tree to plant.

    Visit the website at

  • Our Shared Seas website Home page

    Our Shared Seas

    Our Shared Seas

    We collaborated with CEA Consulting to design the Our Shared Seas website, an information hub for current quality research and statistics about the ocean. The site features topical primers with interactive data visualizations and charts, in-depth research articles, searchable and downloadable resources, and an events listing.

    Visit the site at

  • CHA website home slide

    Community Service Society of New York

    The redesigned Community Health Advocates (CHA) website helps New Yorkers who have questions about healthcare to connect with CHA for free help and services. The site provides users with many opportunities to contact CHA, including website text in several non-English languages, contact forms, and call and email buttons. In addition, for those who are unable to call, the site provides printable short articles about the most popular healthcare topics. Partner agencies can log in to the website to access resources for their work with clients.

    Visit the website at

  • Oceankind website page


    Oceankind’s new website showcases gorgeous images of healthy oceans and sealife. The organization supports ocean conservation projects and technologies through grants.

    Visit the website at

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    Water Foundation

    Imaginary Office worked with the Water Foundation to develop a series of strategic communications materials that help share the successes of their work securing and advancing clean water in the US. The updated website provides greater storytelling and sharing capabilities, a grantee search, and improved SEO and online presence for the organization.

    Visit the website at

  • SCSRF cover design

    Meridian Institute

    Supply Chain Sustainability Research Fund reports

    We worked closely with Meridian Institute to prepare a series of Supply Chain Sustainability reports that were presented at their 2020 online symposium. Four research teams shared findings on how to eliminate environmentally-detrimental practices from the cocoa, cattle, tropical soy and palm, and cotton sectors.

    The cover design for the series draws on the unifying theme of supply chains, while the individual report cover designs convey the uniqueness of each commodity, geography, and sector.

    Learn more at

  • SIM museum home page

    Staten Island Museum

    The Staten Island Museum is a community institution whose art, historical, and natural history collections reflect its unique identity within New York City. The museum’s new website had to be easy to use, and to showcase online exhibits and events, as well as highlights from the collections.

    Visit the website at

  • Fisheries EM website

    CEA Consulting

    Catalyzing the Growth of Electronic Monitoring in Fisheries

    CEA Consulting and The Nature Conservancy released a new report on the use of electronic monitoring to curb illegal fishing activities.

    Visit the website and download the report:

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    Women's Suffrage NYC Centennial Consortium

    Women’s Suffrage NYC Centennial Consortium

    Imaginary Office collaborated with ten NYC cultural institutions to design the visual identity for this cultural event series that celebrates 100 years of women’s suffrage in the U.S. The mark is inspired by the many starting points, participants, and local groups that make up the historic and current suffrage movements. In addition to the logo, we also designed and developed the event website where the identity comes to life with color, shape, and image play.

  • National Harm Reduction Conference logo

    Harm Reduction Coalition

    Harm Reduction Conference 2020/2022

    We’ve collaborated with Harm Reduction Coalition to develop distinctive visual identities, printed materials, and websites for their 2014 Baltimore, 2016 San Diego, 2018 New Orleans, and 2020/2022 San Juan national conferences. Each event identity design is inspired by the conference location, and conveys the spirit of community advocacy. All materials are bilingual, in English and Spanish.

    The 2022 conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico features artwork by local artist collective Colectivo Moriviví. The paintings depict a Taino creation story that describes how the islands were born in the sea from a broken pumpkin. The mark we developed adopts the circular forms which convey beginnings and continuities.

  • Prayer Spell cards

    Harm Reduction Coalition

    Faith in Harm Reduction

    Faith in Harm Reduction is an organization that bridges faiths in order to build community and support for people who use drugs. Its aim is to put people’s needs first.

    The logo design is driven by concepts of interfaith inclusiveness, community building, and illumination.

    See more work for National Harm Reduction Coalition.

  • EDCAP home page

    Community Service Society of New York


    The visual identity for EDCAP, the Education Debt Consumer Assistance Program, a new debt assistance program in New York State, is inspired by concepts of financial well being, forward progress, and friendly support.

    We collaborated with EDCAP staff to design a website that offers quick access to one-on-one help and self help.

    Visit the website at

  • website image

    Community Service Society of New York

    We the Patients

    The identity design and visual elements for We the Patients—a health initiative that empowers New York patients who have been wronged by the healthcare system—convey urgency while welcoming public participation.

    The project website provides: online resources about patients’ rights, media channels to tell patient stories, and digital campaigns to petition state government.

  • NYP season announcement website

    New York Philharmonic

    2018/19 Season Digital Announcement: Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring

    The Philharmonic announces each new season with animated videos and event invitations. 2018 introduced Jaap van Zweden.

  • cover image


    High Impact Initiatives

    This illustration series appears in WWF’s publication Guidance for Developing Impact Initiatives. The publication coordinates efforts across offices and practices worldwide, and explains the big ideas behind planning then launching impactful conservation projects.

  • Video preview image

    New York Philharmonic

    2017/18 Season Digital Invitation: Mahler’s Symphony No. 5

    The Philharmonic announces each new season with animated videos and event invitations. 2017 celebrates the musicians of the orchestra.

  • Climate Focus report cover

    Climate Focus

    How Improved Land Use Can Contribute to the 1.5C Goal of the Paris Agreement

    Climate Focus analyzed the land sector’s potential for helping to curb global warming. Imaginary Office designed the report and a series of information graphics that visualize research findings and modeled scenarios.

    View the entire report on


  • Climate Focus report cover

    Climate Focus

    Taking a Bite Out of Climate Change

    Climate Focus analyzed the climate impact of eating beef, detailing how beef consumption worldwide impacts health, land conditions, and earth’s limited resources. Imaginary Office designed the report and produced a series of information graphics that help explain the research findings.

    View the entire report on

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    New York Philharmonic

    Young People’s Concerts PLAY!

    Imaginary Office redesigned the New York Philharmonic’s PLAY! website. Each Virtual Young People’s Concert is a music lesson that introduces school-age audiences to classical music via a concert performance, curricular learning videos, music composition games, and classroom resources.

  • homepage

    New York Philharmonic

    The New York Philharmonic Archives contain over 100 years of print ephemera—including historic music scores, photography, and performance programs—and offers audio of historic performances. Researchers can now use a full feature Book Reader to view archival documents and listen to audio. The website is integrated with, and has full functionality on tablets and phones.

    Visit the site at

  • New Horizons HIV home page

    Johnson & Johnson

    New Horizons HIV website

    New Horizons, an initiative of Johnson & Johnson’s corporate social responsibility program, is a pediatric HIV/AIDS drug donation program that helps young people in Africa get the treatment they need. The website has several interactive and animated infographics that explain key statistics and work areas in both English and French.

    Visit the site at

  • interactive feature view

    Global Cool Cities Alliance

    GCCA’s website is an online resource for cities that are cooling urban surfaces—including roofs and pavements—to help combat the effects of climate change.

    Interactive animated infographics on this site depict key science, social, and economic concepts behind urban cooling. Cooling surfaces can positively impact all areas of a city, from its economy to the health and well-being of its citizens.

  • home page view

    SUNY Purchase College

    Imaginary Office teamed with White Whale Web Services to redesign the Purchase College website. We contributed to Discovery and Design, visually articulating concepts based on the school’s tagline: Think Wide Open. The final site, developed by White Whale, represents the colorful and dynamic Purchase community using authentic stories and up-to-date technology.

    Check out the color palette picker and wider slider at

  • NYDF report cover

    Climate Focus

    New York Declaration on Forests

    The NYDF Progress Report communicates the successes and challenges of achieving deforestation-free supply chains worldwide. We’ve collaborated with Climate Focus on several editions of the report, and on graphics that visualize key data-derived outcomes from a variety of sources.

    Find the report at

  • 20 Magazine logo

    20 Magazine

    20 Magazine

    We established the look and feel for Twenty, a magazine about the sport of surfing. The identity is inspired by travel motifs including tickets and license plates. With each issue of the magazine readers are transported to a different surf break around the world.

    In addition to our work on Twenty Magazine, we designed and developed, the magazine’s online home. The site complements the look and feel of the publication, and adapts magazine content for easy reading on screens.

  • NUA Annual Publication cover

    New Urban Arts

    Annual Publications

    We’ve designed eleven issues of New Urban Arts’ annual publication. It’s one part annual report and one part student yearbook. Nowhere else will you find more art and hugs.

    Download each issue at

    The 2012 issue, Quinceañera, is the winner of a Sappi Ideas That Matter grant. 

  • HRC Quality Healthcare Is Your Right! cover

    Harm Reduction Coalition

    Quality Healthcare Is Your Right!

    This informational booklet is a resource distributed at clinics and harm reduction programs to help people who use drugs understand their rights and get healthcare. The visual design is inspired by activist graphics. Audiences for this publication include social workers, healthcare professionals, and the general public.

    Learn more about this project and download the PDF on HRC’s website.

  • Cerrado Biome report cover

    CEA Consulting

    CLUA Bioma do Cerrado

    Challenges and Opportunities for Conservation, Agricultural Production, and Social Inclusion in the Cerrado Biome makes recommendations for meeting the challenge of culturally and ecologically sound land use in the Cerrado region. The report design is inspired by aerial photos that show the geometries and colors of land parcels in Brazil. Information graphics visualize datasets and key topics surrounding soy farming and deforestation in Brazil. The report was released in Portuguese and English.

    Download the report from

  • How Do I Join MLTC? booklet cover

    Community Service Society of New York

    ICAN brochures

    Our ongoing work for ICAN includes printed booklets and illustrations that inform New Yorkers about Medicare and Medicaid offerings in the state.

    Download What Is MLTC? and How Do I Join MLTC? on

  • home page view

    Janna Levin

    Janna Levin’s Space

    We designed this website for the “chillest astrophysicist alive” (source: Wired Magazine). Janna Levin is a scientist, academic, and author who researches and writes about black holes and gravitational waves. Her metaphorical outer-space office is furnished with objects that defy gravity. Throw them if they get in your way.

    View the site at

  • Rockefeller Foundation report cover

    CEA Consulting

    Rockefeller Foundation reports

    We’ve designed several publicly-accessible reports and infographics for The Rockefeller Foundation. Download “Exploring Incentive-Based Solutions for Freshwater Management” on

  • CEA website home

    CEA Consulting

    The CEA Consulting website shares the work of this unique 3-part environmental consulting practice. The website design engaged the entire community of staff and stakeholders. We led the discovery process, conducting surveys and interviews to include a comprehensive amount of user feedback and experiences.

    We also recently redesigned the company’s logo to reflect its name change from California Environmental Associates to CEA Consulting.

    Visit the site at

  • FNA Gala invitation package

    National Archives Foundation

    Records of Achievement Awards Gala

    In 2014 the Foundation honored Robert Edsel, historian and author of the book, Monuments Men, with a Records of Achievement Award. For the awards gala we designed invitations, signage, digital displays, and a program book using photography from the Archives. Every printed piece unfolds to reveal a great master artwork.

    Learn more about the event at

  • hrc rescue kit

    Harm Reduction Coalition

    NYS DOC Overdose Prevention Rescue Kit

    HRC and the NY Department of Corrections collaborated on a public health communications initiative that encourages newly-released prisoners in the state to use naloxone for first aid. We designed the “Overdose Prevention Rescue Kit” that’s handed to each individual upon release. The signature blue zipper pouches are silkscreened with quick-read naloxone assembly instructions, and the inserted pamphlet provides step-by-step first aid instructions and diagrams. The kit is bilingual, in English and Spanish.

  • Hepatitis C Basics booklet cover

    Harm Reduction Coalition

    Hepatitis C Basics

    This informational booklet is a resource distributed at clinics and harm reduction programs to help people who use drugs understand their risk for contracting hepatitis C. The brochure features illustrated tips and best practices, and is available in English and Spanish.

    Learn more about this project and download the PDF on HRC’s website.

  • ICAN website home page

    Community Service Society of New York

    To meet the challenge of providing accurate information about state healthcare plans for elderly, disabled, and low income New Yorkers, the ICAN website accommodates the needs of diverse user groups: an aging population, disabled computer users, low-vision and low-literacy individuals, as well as youth, and speakers of nine non-English languages. The site’s responsive design offers lightweight action-oriented layouts for phones, and comprehensive search, filter, and interview-style interfaces for large screen visitors. The site is accessible and friendly, offering quick answers and personalized help. Some features include: a map-based agency search, events calendar, knowledge base search with filters, live chat, and a guided interview tool.

    Visit the site at

  • ICAN logo

    Community Service Society of New York

    ICAN visual identity

    This visual identity for The Independent Consumer Advocacy Network (ICAN), the NY State Ombudsprogram for people with disabilities, is inspired by the apple blossom, an extension of the apple, a state symbol. The new identity needed to be friendly and appealing, and communicate the concept of a network of independent care agencies.

  • WWF EPLAT report cover


    EPLAT Recommendations for Legal Fishing

    This report design for The Expert Panel on Legal and Traceable Wild Fish Products (EPLAT) includes diagrams that visualize new traceability concepts—such as supply chain flows—that may improve the current global illegal fishing problem.

    Download the report on

  • NAF annual report cover

    National Archives Foundation

    Annual Report

    The National Archives Foundation’s annual report shares museum events and achievements from the year. The publication design uses photography and data highlights to unify the diverse subjects covered. Download the 2014 Annual Report on

  • NAF Member postards

    National Archives Foundation

    National Archives Museum membership materials

    The membership materials we designed for The National Archives Museum feature historic images from the National Archives collection. The postcard recruits new members using WWII poster details, id cards put American icons in your wallet, and the membership brochure welcomes you to step inside the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom in Washington, DC.

  • GCCA logo

    Global Cool Cities Alliance

    GCCA visual identity

    The Global Cool Cities Alliance advocates for the implementation of cooler roofs and surfaces in cities to help combat global warming. The organization’s logo design depicts an entire world of white roofs, an optimistic vision of a cooler planet. The identity includes guidelines for developing documents and graphics.

    View additional GCCA design projects.

  • CLUA Ag report cover

    CEA Consulting

    CLUA Strategies for Mitigating Climate Change in Agriculture

    Our report designs and information graphics for CLUA’s Agriculture report visualize datasets and topics surrounding sustainable food production initiatives. Key graphics from this report were re-published in the book, Agricultural systems : agroecology and rural innovation for development. Download the report at

  • home page view

    Global Cool Cities Alliance

    Cool Roofs and Cool Pavements Toolkit

    We worked with Global Cool Cities Alliance and R20 Regions of Climate Action to develop an online resource for the cool roofs movement. The site includes a searchable knowledge base, a primer with implementation guide, and a discussion platform.

  • Poster

    The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    So, You Need Knee Replacement Surgery…

    Imaginary Office won first prize in the RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge! Our illustrated poster guides a reader through the experience of using the newly-released Medicare CMS data to help choose a hospital for knee replacement surgery, and then find out how much it will cost.

    Download the poster.

  • HRC Overdose Prevention booklet cover

    Harm Reduction Coalition

    Harm Reduction Training Materials

    We designed training materials that Harm Reduction Coalition distributes to health clinics, shelters, and social service agencies nationwide for use in drug and overdose programs.

    View the Guide to Developing and Managing Overdose Prevention and Take-Home Naloxone Projects on

    View the Peer-Delivered Syringe Exchange Toolkit on

  • Lenfest report cover

    The Pew Charitable Trusts

    Ocean Science Division

    In addition to designing scientific reports and information graphics for Pew, we developed a comprehensive template system that visually coordinates materials produced by the Ocean Science Division, Lenfest Ocean Program, Sea Around Us Program, and Pew Marine Fellows. Highlights from this project include: the definition of graphic standards, multilingual and international template options, dynamic flexible layouts, and a comprehensive user manual.

  • One Earth Designs logo

    One Earth Designs

    One Earth Designs visual identity

    We worked closely with founders of the company to develop a visual identity for One Earth Designs, a Hong Kong-based producer of affordable clean energy household appliances for rural Chinese and emerging markets. The mark is inspired by the company’s inclusive and collaborative approach to research and development, and by its inaugural product, a portable home solar energy system. The first applications of the brand are bilingual, in English and Chinese.

  • Dispensers for Safe Water logo

    Innovations for Poverty Action

    Dispensers for Safe Water visual identity

    Innovations for Poverty Action is a nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating global poverty through proven and applied research projects. We collaborated with IPA on a visual identity for their newly scaled-up safe water project. Dispensers for Safe Water is a program that teaches communities to install and maintain communal chlorine dispensers to provide free clean water that can help eliminate waterborne diseases.

    The initial design applications for this project included a custom folder, brochure, business cards, conference signage, and document templates.

  • A Practical Guide to Cool Roofs and Cool Pavements cover

    Global Cool Cities Alliance

    A Practical Guide to Cool Roofs and Cool Pavements

    We worked with Global Cool Cities Alliance and R20 Regions of Climate Action to develop a cool surfaces primer. The book includes case studies, product descriptions, and an implementation guide for policymakers and building owners.

    The Guide launched as part of the Cool Roofs and Cool Pavements Toolkit.

  • enlarge image view

    The Kitchen

    The Kitchen Archive

    In 2012, we designed and developed the digital archive website for The Kitchen, an experimental arts organization whose performance space has introduced the public to avant-garde art forms since the 1970s — including music, dance, film, video, and performance art. The Kitchen is digitizing over 10,000 archival videos and print ephemera that will be available on this site, including early performances by the Talking Heads, Philip Glass, and Laurie Anderson. The database uses tagging, indexing, and a random shuffle to encourage visitors to browse and engage with the collection.

    View the site at

  • How Green Is Your Eco-Label? cover

    University of Victoria

    How Green Is Your Eco-Label?

    We engaged with scientists at University of Victoria to develop a report design and graphics that describe the methodology and statistical framework for the Global Aquaculture Performance Index (GAPI), and the results of a GAPI analysis on the effectiveness of eco-labels for marine finfish aquaculture production. By visualizing the data, we contributed to the shaping of the narrative as a whole. The audience for this publication includes governments, NGOs, and the international aquaculture industry.

    Download the report at

  • A Once and Future Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem cover

    The Pew Charitable Trusts

    A Once and Future Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem

    After the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, a group of scientists and experts convened to make recommendations on how to conserve the Gulf of Mexico. We contributed publication design, data visualization, maps, and art direction.

    Download the entire report on

  • Restoring the Gulf of Mexico overview

    Ocean Conservancy

    A Citizen’s Toolkit: Restoring the Gulf of Mexico

    In collaboration with the Ocean Conservancy’s Gulf of Mexico Office, we developed on-the-ground materials to help the local community impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The 5-part Citizen’s Toolkit consists of: a custom folder, three booklets (on the themes of the Gulf’s treasures, ecological problems, and OC’s restoration approach), and a pocket guide of practical resources including a jargon translator. The design emphasizes the interconnection between Gulf habitats and communities, and the need for an equally integrated restoration process.

    Winner of 2010 Sappi Ideas that Matter Grant for “Relief, Restoration & Reform.” Design Observer and Core77 posted brief write-ups.

  • Saving Our Vanishing Heritage cover

    Global Heritage Fund

    Saving Our Vanishing Heritage

    We designed Saving Our Vanishing Heritage, a 68-page printed report for Global Heritage Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to saving archaeological heritage sites around the world through investment in sustainable preservation and living heritage. The report was released at the The Forum on Cultural Heritage in a Developing World conference at Stanford University in October 2010. Information graphics and illustrated diagrams help explain the value of this unique approach to investing in culture.

    View the entire report on

  • Turning the Tide cover

    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    Turning the Tide: The State of Seafood

    We designed a 60-page printed report with custom information graphics, a poster, and a web slideshow for Monterey Bay Aquarium’s twenty-fifth anniversary release, Turning the Tide: The State of Seafood. The report chronicles the latest in ocean research and shares the Seafood Watch Program’s recommendations for seafood industry best practices. This report was a collaboration with California Environmental Associates.